New Year’s Eyes

Heyyyy guys!

So I wanted to make this gif tutorial. I’m just testing how does it work and I also want to know what you guys think! The quality is really bad, I know… And there are obviously watermarks from the video edit program I used, but it’s because I didn’t want to spend money on something I wasn’t sure would work, but I’m feeling really positive about this and I think it’s a cool way to write a blog. If this works and you guys like it I will continue posting gifs (and make the quality better), not just makeup tutorials, but all kind of stuff!

Enough talking, lets hop on to the tutorial!

I like watching other people’s makeup tutorials, especially when they are about holidays and other special events, but I often feel like very few would actually have the courage to go out wearing the makeup look. So that is why I like to do really subtle looks  that are easy to create and suit everybody!

Start by tapping on white eye shadow to the whole eyelid and to the brow bone as well. (Ah, I hope the gifs work!!)

Then direct a light eye shadow colour of your choice right to the upper outer corner of your eye in a window wiper motion. Create a soft cat eye like in the gif above. I used the shade “Liar” (shimmery baby pink) from the Naked 3 palette, as usual.

Do the same thing again but with a dark brown or black eye shadow. Don’t blend the colour as much as in the previous step.

After that lightly tap on any kind of loose glitter eye shadow.

I used the one from Gosh, it’s a mixture of gold and silver glitter.

I love lining my eyes and I think lined cat eyes go with every look. I lined my eyes the same way I did in the Autumn Eye Makeup I post, you can go check it out if you’re interested!

And of course the last thing is to curl (optional) your lashes and put on some mascara. If you want to make your eyes stand out even more glue on some fake eyelashes!

Let me know what you think about the gifs in the comments below!

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Christmas Playlist

Just because it’s December tomorrow I decided to create a Christmas playlist for us all to enjoy. You may not like all of them but they make me feel very christmasy and I hope they do the same to you.

(I probably will add new songs to the playlist trough out December so don’t worry if it seems short!)

Now go get yourself a big cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and a Christmas hat and enjoy!

Autumn Playlist

Once again, autumn related blog post. Oh well.

I love how here in Finland the evenings are starting to get much darker. When I think about autumn evenings the things that come in mind are big comfy sweaters, music that makes you feel warm inside (if that even makes any sense), a big cup of tea or hot chocolate (I prefer the hot chocolate), candles and perhaps someone special next to you.

I gathered these in to a playlist so that I could share them with you. These make me feel happy and warm, even though some of them are really sad. There is a little bit of everything in there so I hope you’ll like even a few of them.

Go get yourself a hot drink, light a few candles and start playing the playlist.


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It’s kinda ironic that I’m writing about this. Shouldn’t I be outside doing something productive? Away from my computer?
I’m a bit late with this video but it touched me and I want you to see it as well. I don’t know what made it so touching and interesting. Was it the fact that the words the guy said rhymed or the fact he is British and makes everything sound interesting? Or perhaps the music playing in the background. Well they got me and the things that the guy said were true. And that’s sad. We should all start being much more active.
Just saying.

So excited!!

This is a video from Watch us live and stuff which is a channel by Anthony from Smosh and Kalel from WonderlandWardrobe. I’m going to get a signed drawning from the both of them, because of the mail I sent… So exited!! I still can not believe it… It means so much to me! Watch at least 11:14-12:15 and 12:52-13:18!