Winter Makeup I

Heeeyyy guys!

I haven’t been writing for a while because I’ve been super busy with school… Essays, exams, homework and stuff.

I got really exited on Friday because it was snowing A LOT! CHRISTMAS IS COMING! And that also means that I can take better pictures because the snow outside of my window gives me better lighting. Yay!

I’ll start doing lots of Christmas/winter blog posts as well! Here’s the first one, I hope you guys like it.

I have explained how I do my brow many times before, but I like to change the techniques and I always try to find the best one. Obviously If you already have perfect brows you can skip this step.

I use brown matte eye shadow and a transparent eyebrow fixing gel.

Start from the arch like in the second picture and continue by drawing the outer line like in the third picture. Do short strokes with the brush making it look like hair. Then use what ever is left in the brush to make the lower inner line like in the fourth picture and then fill in the rest of your brow. Finish it up with the fixing gel.

The eye part is really easy in this look! Start by applying eye primer. Then use any white eye shadow and tap it in the center of your eyelid and what ever is left in you finger/brush tap it all over the eyelid.

I used the shade “Liar” from the Naked 3 palette, but you can obviously use anything similar. Apply the shade like in the Paint picture and fade it.

Line your upper waterline with black eyeliner pencil. Then apply any dark eye shadow to create a cat eye and fade it as much as possible. Also apply it on your lower outer lash line.

These fake eyelashes are from Home Bargains and they are SUPER cheap! I also like how light they are. I have cut the one in the picture, because the original one looks way too perfect and it’s a bit too long for my eyes.

Glue them on!

I made the lips by using the same technique I did in the Autumn Lips tutorial. The texture of the lip liner I’m using is a bit like lipstick’s so I only applied that and the shadings are made with dark purple lipstick. Yes. Purple. It’s amazing.

And that’s it!

I skipped all the foundation, contour, etc. steps because they were exactly the same as in my previous makeup tutorial posts, so you can go and check them out.

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Halloween Makeup – DIY Wound

Heeeey guys!

I’ve been super busy with school etc. but I had to make at least one Halloween blog post. After all, Halloween is my second favorite holiday after Christmas!

I need sunlight when I take pictures and the Finnish autumn is quite dark. I rushed home from school (sun goes down FAST) and started immediately but the sun had a mind of its own so I’m sorry for the variance of the lighting in the pictures.

I LOOOOVE Halloween so much and it sucks that we don’t really celebrate it here in Finland…  I noticed that the Halloween make up accessories (fake wounds, fake blood etc…) are quite expensive, so I decided to write this. I think it counts as a “last minute costume” as well, because I’m sure you have all that you’ll need already.

You will need:

– Tissue

– fake eyelash glue

– red lipstick

– Brown, black and purple matte eye shadow

– Honey

– Cream textured foundation/concealer

Start by applying the glue the same way I did in the first picture. The point is to leave a clean spot in the middle for the wound.

Then tear a piece of one of the layers of the tissue and glue it on. Make sure that the edges of the paper are glued on smoothly. I added another layer of the tissue on top of the first one but it’s not necessary.

Wait for the glue to dry and then start covering the tissue with foundation or concealer. Try to find a cream textured one because liquid ones will make the tissue wrinkle.

After covering the whole tissue with the foundation/concealer start tapping brown and purple matte eye shadow on.

This is the fun part; cutting the wound! You’ll need scissors like the ones in the picture above to prevent hurting yourself (round tips).


This is why we didn’t add any glue in the middle. Carefully poke a hole in the paper with the tip of your scissors and then just continue cutting the tissue paper. (Seriously though, be super careful!)

Then colour the inside of the wound with a red lipstick. To give depth add brown and black matte eye shadow as well.

This is something I discovered myself today; FAKE BLOOD MADE WITH HONEY AND LIPSTICK! Yes, honey. How awesome is that?! (P.s. it tasted bad.) Just blend those two together and that’s it.

And there we go!

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Autum Eye Makeup II

Heeeey guys!

I couldn’t make only one autumn makeup look so here we go. This one’s for a bit more fancier events. Go check out the first one if you haven’t already; Autumn Eye Makeup I.

Brows, foundation, blusher, contour etc are the same as they were in the first one so I’ll skip those steps and I’ll go straight to the eyes.

The eye shadows are from Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette. If you don’t own this makeup palette you’ll just have to find shades similar to the ones I used.

I added the Paint drawings again to show where to add the eye shadow.

Step One

Tap the shade “Trick” on to the whole eye lid.

Step Two

Add the shade “Liar” on to the hollows of you eye lids.

Step Three

Add the shade “Darkside” the same way as in step two, but cover a smaller area. Also add the shade on to the lower outer corners of your eyes.

Step Four

Tap a light champagne shade in the middle of your eye lid.

(Channel, 82 Émerveillé)

Step Five

Start lining your eyes the same way I did in the first picture. Then just connect the two lines together like in the second picture.

(Easiest way to line your eyes is by using a gel liner and a brush.)

Step Six

Then take a blending brush, dip it into the black gel and add it to the lower outer corners of your eyes. Also add the gel liner on to your upper waterline.

Step Seven

Add your favourite mascara on to the upper and the lower lashes and then glue fake lashes on. Use the black gel liner also to hide the shine from the fake eyelash glue.


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Ice Cream Cake

It has been so unbelievably hot here in Finland that I thought I should share this “recipe” which includes ice cream. I added the quotation marks because I shouldn’t even call it a recipe, that’s how easy it is… So if you suck at cooking this is perfect for you!

You will need:

– Swiss roll (You can use the flavor of your choice, just make sure it goes well with the ice cream. You can bake it yourself or buy it from store.)

– Ice cream (You can use the flavor of your choice, just make sure it goes well with the Swiss roll)

– Vanilla cream (optional)

– cooking dye (optional)

-cake tin

Pro tip: 

Put the Swiss roll into the freezer with your ice cream. When you take it from the freezer and start cutting it you see if it’s usable or not. If it is really hard to cut it’s not good. Cutting the actual cake would be impossible if the Swiss roll was rock hard. (The ice cream would also melt while stacking the actual cake if the Swiss roll wasn’t cold.)

Why would that happen?

1. Because your freezer is too cold.

2. Because the Swiss roll has super freezable stuff in it.

If that is a problem heat the knife under hot water and let the cake melt a while before serving it.

Start by cutting the right size pieces, you have to make sure that you don’t run out of ice cream or Swiss roll. Cut the Swiss roll pieces to cover the whole bottom of the cake tin. Then put a layer of ice cream on it. You can use your clean hand to mold the ice cream over the Swiss roll pieces. Then a layer of Swiss roll and then ice cream again. Basically you can do as many layers as you like, I made four, two Swiss roll ones and two ice cream ones. And that’s how easy it is. When you are ready with stocking the layers put the cake tin in the freezer.

Remove it from the cake tin. You could leave it like that but if you want it to look prettier you can frost it. Whisk the vanilla cream and spread it over the cake which has been in the freezer at least one hour after stacking it. Vanilla cream is the best choice because it’s almost like ice cream when it freezes. Then drop drops of cooking dye here and there and spread the dye using toothpick. Put it back in the freezer and serve it when the vanilla cream has frozen.

And there you go! Let me know if you try this yourself!

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DIY Makeup Brush Cleanser

Makeup brush cleansers are often way too expensive… Like seriously, what the heck?

This is not originally my idea, I got the idea from Michelle Phan’s old video. The link to her channel will be down below, BUT wait, read this first!

So my version is a bit more simple than the video I talked about. I have been cleaning my makeup brushes like this forever. It’s super easy and the best of all it’s cheap! And yes, you really do need to wash your makeup brushes every now and then. Do you realize how dirty they get? Obviously you wash your face before adding makeup (hopefully) but it’s never enough. And not washing your makeup brushes may cause some breakouts.

I recommend washing your foundation brush 3-6 times a week but the other ones you don’t have to wash so often.

I want to start by apologizing for the fact that the pictures are not very good… My Canon has something wrong with it and I just can’t wait for it to magically start working again so say hi to the mobile phone photos! Oh god…

So all you’ll need is

– Fairy (or any dish washing soap)

– Olive oil (The dish washing soap will dry out the bristle on it’s own so that’s why we need olive oil)

Aaaaand that’s it. I bet we all have these in our household.

Here are my Real Techniques buffing brush and contour brush. The buffing brush is not as dirty as it usually is since I actually cleaned it already yesterday.

Here’s a funny story: I ordered a four pack brush set because I really wanted the one for foundation and it was cheaper to order all four than just the one (They don’t sell these in store here in Finland). Well, the one I thought was a foundation brush was actually the buffing brush. But you know what? The buffing brush works just fine as a foundation brush. HAH!

So I just eyed the amount I used but I guess there’s a bit more soap than the olive oil. When I wash my foundation brush I put a bit more olive oil and when I wash a brush I use for powder-like products I put a lot more soap.

Put the brushes under lukewarm running water and gently rub the brush against your palm as longs as it takes to get rid of the foam and dirt.

And TADAA! Super easy, super cheap and super clean.

The last thing you have to do is to dry them with a towel and hang them somewhere like in the picture above. If you put them somewhere with the brush side up or side ways the water you couldn’t dry with the towel will drain to the roots and it will weaken the glue that holds the makeup brush bristle.

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Michelle’s channel

DIY Hairband & hairdo

I don’t have that many posts here because I feel like things like this are not even worth putting up here… I mean they are so obvious! But then one day I searched through other people’s blogs and I realized that they all have these obvious kinds of posts sometimes BUT people, including me, really seem to like them!

I am a bit too demanding when it comes to the things I do… And that really causes me a lot of stress! I don’t want to ruin this for myself! SO from now on I’ll TRY to write more but something a bit more simple just like this post here! (Not saying that my previous posts were amazing or anything like that though…)


I love making DIY stuff with materials that would usually go in to the trash or somewhere else with no use at all. Here is a good example! All you’ll need is a chain from an old necklace and a hair band. You open the loops on the ends of the chain and attach them to the hair band. DONE.

* explosion *

Now put it in your head above your hair and roll your hair up using the hairband you’ve just created. It is as simple as that! I liked mine a bit messy so I pulled out little bits of hair from here and there. I think it looks cute! Then of course you can for example add flower pins to it or something.

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DIY Bracelet Ring

So basically this is the world’s easiest DIY. I just thought I would give you a little reminder that you can make whatever you like with your old chain necklaces etc. I know this one is really plain, but I in my opinion it’s pretty just by being so simple. I’m sure you know what I mean!

 All you will need is pliers, chain and scissors.

 I always use this technique to open the chain loop, it’s really easy. I start by “cutting” from the gap which is in the loop. When the scissors are in the gap I pull the loop from the tip of the scissors to the thicker part (like in the picture) to make the gap wider. Voilà! The gap is now big enough for me to attach it to another chain. And then I use the pliers to shut the gap again.

It’s as simple as that! Now that you get the idea just let your imagination fly! You can add as many chains as you like, different materials, different jewellery etc… Basically whatever comes in mind. I had some leftover chains so I made the little ring!

If you try this one out remember to tweet me a picture of it using @PinjaOja.

Let’s all hope that I will have time to write something next week since the test week starts again… And ends on 4.4.! WISH ME LUCK!

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