Winter Makeup II

Oh hey there beautiful!

I’ve been super busy with all the deadlines at school and Christmas shopping and other stuff like that. I hope you understand, I don’t want to post anything that I haven’t put any time and effort in. I actually made a makeup look a week ago but the pictures were so bad that I decided not to post anything at all. Obviously I could have posted something else instead, but I always take so much time to write these… Even if I would just talk about my day. Oh, and the Finnish weather is driving me crazy as well (I need light to take pictures and here in Finland the sun is shining about 3 to 5 hours per day…)

Okay, this look is really similar to the Winter Makeup I, but there are new techniques etc. and I really think that this is a perfect look for Christmas! And don’t worry, I’ll do something completely different for New Year’s day!

Start by applying eye primer (pictures on the left). Then tap white matte eye shadow to the whole eye lid with a brush (pictures in the middle).  Lastly apply light matte pink eye shadow to the outer corners of your eyelids to create dept to your eyes (pictures on the right).

I used the shade “Limit” from the Naked 3 palette. The main goal is that both of the eye shadows are matte, unlike in the Winter Makeup I, where the eye shadows were shimmery.

This technique will make your life easier. Just tape a piece of masking tape under your eye and start applying black matte eye shadow just like in the picture above and you’ll create a perfect cat eye.

I wanted a bit smokier look so I faded the cat eye a bit and added some of the black eye shadow to the lower outer lash line as well. Oh, and don’t forget to line your water line with a black eyeliner pencil!

After all that I curled my eyelashes, applied mascara and put some fake eyelashes on.

For this look leave out the bronzer and only use blusher! It gives you that “I’ve been outside playing in the snow” look, if that even makes any sense…

And that’s it!

I really love this look. I think it’s really Christmasy! It’s also really easy to create and it works with any lipstick.

Tomorrow I’ll write something as well, not sure what though… You will have to come back tomorrow to find out!

Till then…

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Christmas Playlist

Just because it’s December tomorrow I decided to create a Christmas playlist for us all to enjoy. You may not like all of them but they make me feel very christmasy and I hope they do the same to you.

(I probably will add new songs to the playlist trough out December so don’t worry if it seems short!)

Now go get yourself a big cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and a Christmas hat and enjoy!

My Christmas

It feels so empty every year after Christmas… I have to wait another year? That’s a long time… But it’s new years eve soon! Let’s party, make the next year amazing and  make the time fly!

2013-12-26 19

I found this mug few days ago… It’s so cute! And it’s from America when my mom studied there. How on earth did they sell something like that there?!

Oh and the hot chocolate was really good as well! Am I the only one who adds more whipped cream while drinking it? There is never too much whipped cream!

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DIY snowflake ornament

so I was at the store one day and I saw really expensive Christmas ornaments and they were not even that fancy. It was ridiculous… I was like “I could easily do that” and here we are now!

Step 1
Get inspiration from the internet. It’s a snowflake, how hard can it be, right? Sketch some snowflakes on paper and do few different variations. The drawings are used as a mold.

 Step 2

Now put the paper in a plastic pocket or cover the paper with clear contact paper like i did.

Step 3

Use white glue or glitter glue to make the snowflakes. I find the white glue easier to shape but if you make large snowflakes then I recommend using glitter glue. When you are done pour glitter on the glue and shake the excess glitter off and back to where you poured the glitter. Then let it dry for the night.

Step 4

When the snowflake has dried remove it carefully  and there you go! You can put it in a Christmas tree, decorate your Christmas presents or what ever you like!

Love, Pinja

The snowflake will make your hands glittery when you touch it so do not touch your face before washing the glitter off your hands. Speaking from experience…