New Year’s Eyes

Heyyyy guys!

So I wanted to make this gif tutorial. I’m just testing how does it work and I also want to know what you guys think! The quality is really bad, I know… And there are obviously watermarks from the video edit program I used, but it’s because I didn’t want to spend money on something I wasn’t sure would work, but I’m feeling really positive about this and I think it’s a cool way to write a blog. If this works and you guys like it I will continue posting gifs (and make the quality better), not just makeup tutorials, but all kind of stuff!

Enough talking, lets hop on to the tutorial!

I like watching other people’s makeup tutorials, especially when they are about holidays and other special events, but I often feel like very few would actually have the courage to go out wearing the makeup look. So that is why I like to do really subtle looks  that are easy to create and suit everybody!

Start by tapping on white eye shadow to the whole eyelid and to the brow bone as well. (Ah, I hope the gifs work!!)

Then direct a light eye shadow colour of your choice right to the upper outer corner of your eye in a window wiper motion. Create a soft cat eye like in the gif above. I used the shade “Liar” (shimmery baby pink) from the Naked 3 palette, as usual.

Do the same thing again but with a dark brown or black eye shadow. Don’t blend the colour as much as in the previous step.

After that lightly tap on any kind of loose glitter eye shadow.

I used the one from Gosh, it’s a mixture of gold and silver glitter.

I love lining my eyes and I think lined cat eyes go with every look. I lined my eyes the same way I did in the Autumn Eye Makeup I post, you can go check it out if you’re interested!

And of course the last thing is to curl (optional) your lashes and put on some mascara. If you want to make your eyes stand out even more glue on some fake eyelashes!

Let me know what you think about the gifs in the comments below!

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Winter Makeup I

Heeeyyy guys!

I haven’t been writing for a while because I’ve been super busy with school… Essays, exams, homework and stuff.

I got really exited on Friday because it was snowing A LOT! CHRISTMAS IS COMING! And that also means that I can take better pictures because the snow outside of my window gives me better lighting. Yay!

I’ll start doing lots of Christmas/winter blog posts as well! Here’s the first one, I hope you guys like it.

I have explained how I do my brow many times before, but I like to change the techniques and I always try to find the best one. Obviously If you already have perfect brows you can skip this step.

I use brown matte eye shadow and a transparent eyebrow fixing gel.

Start from the arch like in the second picture and continue by drawing the outer line like in the third picture. Do short strokes with the brush making it look like hair. Then use what ever is left in the brush to make the lower inner line like in the fourth picture and then fill in the rest of your brow. Finish it up with the fixing gel.

The eye part is really easy in this look! Start by applying eye primer. Then use any white eye shadow and tap it in the center of your eyelid and what ever is left in you finger/brush tap it all over the eyelid.

I used the shade “Liar” from the Naked 3 palette, but you can obviously use anything similar. Apply the shade like in the Paint picture and fade it.

Line your upper waterline with black eyeliner pencil. Then apply any dark eye shadow to create a cat eye and fade it as much as possible. Also apply it on your lower outer lash line.

These fake eyelashes are from Home Bargains and they are SUPER cheap! I also like how light they are. I have cut the one in the picture, because the original one looks way too perfect and it’s a bit too long for my eyes.

Glue them on!

I made the lips by using the same technique I did in the Autumn Lips tutorial. The texture of the lip liner I’m using is a bit like lipstick’s so I only applied that and the shadings are made with dark purple lipstick. Yes. Purple. It’s amazing.

And that’s it!

I skipped all the foundation, contour, etc. steps because they were exactly the same as in my previous makeup tutorial posts, so you can go and check them out.

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Autumn Lips


I noticed that many of you really seemed to like my previous, Autumn Eye Makeup, blog post, so I thought I should do another makeup related one! And I really do enjoy writing these. This one is an easy tutorial on how to create the perfect autumn lips.

I’m so exited about autumn and red lips are one of the many things that make it so awesome. I almost wish it was always autumn.

Make Up Store, Vamp.

I LOVE this lipstick! Make Up Store’s lipsticks are my favourite. The colour selection is huge, the colour stays on the whole day and they keep your lips moist. The only down side is that they are really expensive here in Finland.


If you have dry lips it’s because you are not hydrating yourself enough. The lipstick won’t look good if you have dry lips.

 My favourite way of getting a rid of the dead skin is by gently brushing your lips with a wet soft toothbrush or rubbing your lips with a warm wet towel.

Start by lining your lips with a lip liner. It helps to keep the right shape when you apply the lipstick.

After lining your lips colour the rest of your lips as well with the lip liner. It makes your lipstick stay on longer.

Then apply your lipstick over the lip liner.

I love how this step makes your lips look so dramatic and perfect for autumn and winter. It also gives an illusion of bigger lips.

All you need to do is to tap a dark matte brown eye shadow in to the corners of your lips. Start by tapping the eye shadow with a fluffy brush from the corner of your lips and continue towards the middle so that the corners are much darker.

And there you go!

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Autum Eye Makeup I

Hey guys!

I haven’t written anything for a while since I was really busy with school and I got really sick. I can’t even remember when was the last time I was this sick. It sucks… Anyway, I thought I would share my autumn eye makeup look with you guys.

 Autumn and winter have always been my favorite seasons of the year. For example I love all the fall clothes; big cozy sweaters, layering and all the colours. Those two seasons are probably my favorite ones also because of Halloween and Christmas. Aren’t those holidays just the best?!

In the summer I like to wear a light eye makeup and when the autumn finally arrives I start using much darker and warmer colours. This makeup look is obviously not that dark but I’m sure you get the idea.

Here’s a picture from my Favorites post. I used it on this look and I’m still in love with it!


I was on holiday in Wales this summer and went crazy with all the makeup products. I especially fell in love with Urban Decay! It’s a pity they don’t sell anything here in Finland… I wouldn’t have any money left if they did though, haha.

I bought this blusher/highlighter/bronzer and it’s everything I could ever ask for. It’s perfect. 

I also bought more Real Techniques brushes. They are perfect!

(In the first picture above I only have contour and in the second I have bronzer, blusher and highlighter.)

I thought it would be easier for us all if I just drew pictures instead of explaining. And yes, I made those using Paint, don’t judge.

Pink – Contour

Yellow – Bronzer

Purple – Blusher

Mint – Highlighter


I made my brows the way I always do. Using matte brown eye shadow I started from the outer corner and then filled in the inner part with what ever I had left in the brush. Using a little darker shade on the outer corners gives brows a natural look. The problem with my brows is that they are too light naturally. If you have light hair your brows should be 2-3 shades darker and if you have dark hair your brows should be 2-3 shades lighter. And as always, your brows should look like sisters, not twins (although I sometimes feel like mine are not even related…)!

But if you are lucky and you own perfect shaped and shaded brows you can obviously skip this step.

I also bought this Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay while I was in Wales and it’s amazing. The quality is unbelievable.

1. I tapped the shade “Strange” in the middle of my eyelids with my finger.


2. I tapped the shade “Limit” on the outer corner of my eyelids with a brush.

3. I did the same thing as in step 2 with the shade “Factory” but in a bit smaller area so that you could still see the shade “Limit”.

4. Same step as before with the shade “Darkside” but again a bit smaller area. I also used this shade on the outer lower lash lines of my eyes.

I hope I’m not confusing you with those Paint drawings…

If you are a huge eyeliner fan like I am, you have to try Maybelline’s gel eyeliner (you’ll get a eyeliner brush as well when you buy the gel). It stays on the whole day, it’s easy to apply and remove and it won’t stain your eyelashes while applying. I hate it how the marker eyeliners’ ink dries so fast and the liquid eyeliners stain your eyelashes while applying which makes applying mascara difficult/creates clumps.

I started the cat eye by drawing a line like in the first picture above. The perfect angle for the cat eye flick can be found by using a piece of paper or tape the same way as in the picture below.

Then I drew another line like in the second picture and continued by colouring inside the lines and drawing a thin line as close to the lash line as possible from the inner corner of my eye to the outer. And to make the eyelashes look longer I used the eyeliner to colour my upper waterline black as well.

This mascara has been my favorite for so long now. It won’t scatter on your cheeks over the course of the day and it doesn’t create any clumps. Love it!

I used the same fake eyelash technique as I did in the Graduation Makeup post. I took a fake lash, originally made for one eye, and cut it in half for both of my eyes and glued them on using tweezers. Always try the fake eyelashes on before using glue to check if they fit. If they are too long or too thick just cut some of the lashes off, one by one, keeping them a bit different length.

When the glue had dried I tapped a little bit of the gel eyeliner to the part where the lashes are attached to my eyelid to hide the possible shine of the glue.

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DIY Makeup Brush Cleanser

Makeup brush cleansers are often way too expensive… Like seriously, what the heck?

This is not originally my idea, I got the idea from Michelle Phan’s old video. The link to her channel will be down below, BUT wait, read this first!

So my version is a bit more simple than the video I talked about. I have been cleaning my makeup brushes like this forever. It’s super easy and the best of all it’s cheap! And yes, you really do need to wash your makeup brushes every now and then. Do you realize how dirty they get? Obviously you wash your face before adding makeup (hopefully) but it’s never enough. And not washing your makeup brushes may cause some breakouts.

I recommend washing your foundation brush 3-6 times a week but the other ones you don’t have to wash so often.

I want to start by apologizing for the fact that the pictures are not very good… My Canon has something wrong with it and I just can’t wait for it to magically start working again so say hi to the mobile phone photos! Oh god…

So all you’ll need is

– Fairy (or any dish washing soap)

– Olive oil (The dish washing soap will dry out the bristle on it’s own so that’s why we need olive oil)

Aaaaand that’s it. I bet we all have these in our household.

Here are my Real Techniques buffing brush and contour brush. The buffing brush is not as dirty as it usually is since I actually cleaned it already yesterday.

Here’s a funny story: I ordered a four pack brush set because I really wanted the one for foundation and it was cheaper to order all four than just the one (They don’t sell these in store here in Finland). Well, the one I thought was a foundation brush was actually the buffing brush. But you know what? The buffing brush works just fine as a foundation brush. HAH!

So I just eyed the amount I used but I guess there’s a bit more soap than the olive oil. When I wash my foundation brush I put a bit more olive oil and when I wash a brush I use for powder-like products I put a lot more soap.

Put the brushes under lukewarm running water and gently rub the brush against your palm as longs as it takes to get rid of the foam and dirt.

And TADAA! Super easy, super cheap and super clean.

The last thing you have to do is to dry them with a towel and hang them somewhere like in the picture above. If you put them somewhere with the brush side up or side ways the water you couldn’t dry with the towel will drain to the roots and it will weaken the glue that holds the makeup brush bristle.

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Michelle’s channel


I haven’t done “Favorites” posts yet and I personally love to read and watch videos about others’ favorites… They are so honest! That really makes me want try new things and I actually have found some awesome products. So I really hope that this post makes you want to try out new things as well.

This post is not favorites of January or February or anything like that, here are just some of my favorites that I have recently been in love with… I mean this is my first one, if I continue making these I’ll do the monthly ones!

(Move the mouse on the picture to see more details & click it to see a bigger picture)

I’ll start with nail polishes. For my whole life I’ve bought cheap nail polishes. But now… My life has changed. I got this one for Christmas and it’s amazing. First of all the color is gorgeous but the real reason I rave about this is because it stays on! I’ve gotten used to having nails polish chipping off after a day or two… I’ve promised myself to buy quality nail polishes from now on. You should do that too!

I am addicted to this one… It stays on a long time but the main reason I love it so much is that it’s so easy to fix. The “Sugar Crush” texture is really forgiving. I don’t have to remove the old nail polish if it starts chipping off. I can just paint the area that has chipped and there will be no visible lines and it looks like I’ve just painted the whole nail. Hurray laziness!


I love this mascara! Nothing special really, It makes my lashes longer and it doesn’t dry out my lashes. What else can you ask for? The only negative thing is that it may sometimes crumble all over your face… Oh well, we don’t live in a perfect world now do we?


I got this perfume sample when I bought my Taj Sunset from Escada and it smells amazing! It’s really sweet and… Strawberry…ish? But it’s not too sweet! I am really picky when it comes to perfumes but here is my top three:

-Chic Petals by Moschino

-Taj Sunset by Escada

-Daisy by Marc Jacobs – My absolute favorite

This foundation covers enough but it keeps your skin healthy and natural looking. I have nothing else to say. It’s just perfect.

This eyeshadow palette includes all the things you’ll need for every-day-makeup. Eyeshadow, brow powder and even contour. Perfect!

I hate how they put glitter in every freaking eyeshadow palette nowadays… There is no shimmer or glitter in this one though. I find it pretty difficult to find eyeshadows without glitter at a reasonable price here in Finland… Please change that!

I love the Make Up Store’s eye shadows. They stay on, the color selection is huge, the colors are really rich and best of all… They sell matte colors!

I love the lipsticks as well. They stay on, the color selection is huge as well and they keep your lips moist.

The negative side is that the prices here in Finland are really high…


The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit shower gel is amazing. The smell of it is really good, it’s fresh and sweet and it leaves your skin really soft. Love it!


This is my favorite face scrub. It’s really gentle, it smells good and it makes your skin really soft. It lasts long, if you only use it once a week on your face, like I do. I recommend trying it out!


Buy this if you have scars you would like to get rid of. I use this on my piercing scar and the one I have between my eyebrows (when I was in first grade I fell and got six stitches there) and I can really see the difference. It will take some time though, so you have to be patient. ‘

I just discovered Ebay… I mean I have always known about it but I never thought I would buy something from there. And now I’m addicted to it. And to online shopping more broadly. But It’s so easy and cheap!

It may be difficult to find phone cases from stores if the phone isn’t the newest model. I got mine from Ebay and it was only $9.99 and the shipping was free… I’m amazed. Where have I lived all these years? In a cave?! Yep.

These are amazing! You have to try these if you use makeup! (I don’t think they sell these in Finland so I bought these from Ebay as well. You can do that too if they don’t sell these in your country.) I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Last but not least; these shoes. I love them so much! But it’s not the thing I’m actually raving about; I wanted to recommend going to new shops and keeping your mind open. I bought these from a store I thought I would never shop in again. Last time I went there the clothes were really childish and I haven’t been there since. Until yesterday. And I was amazed because the clothes weren’t childish anymore! Or maybe my taste has become childish and I don’t realise it… Meh. But the point is that you should try new things and don’t judge the book by it’s covers.

This was a really long post and I won’t judge you if you didn’t read it all… But I hope that I gave you some inspiration to go try new things.

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