Cristmas Wish List

I bet we all have some kind of a wish list for Santa. And just for nostalgick purposes I decided to create my own here for you guys to see! I obviously am not getting any of these, it’s all just in good fun!
I actually love giving presents, way more than I do receaving them. How about you? Let me know what you have in your wish list in the comments below! I’m really nosy hhehehe.
I would use photos to show what I wan’t but I really don’t want to get in drouble for using photos without premission so I apolozise for this post being visually really boring lol. There will be links though (If I have a specifik one in mind)!

Daniel Wellington – Classic St Andrews
• Studio lights for filming
Mac Book Pro
Michael Kors – basically any bag or wallet, they are all stunning

and that’s about it. I mean I have been a good girl whole year… so…

Anyway… Let me know what you think! Oh, and I would also like to add “cute pajamas” to the list! It’s just something you’ll never get tired of.

Leave a like if you did and have a wonderful Christmas!

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Love, Pinja


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