Winter Makeup II

Oh hey there beautiful!

I’ve been super busy with all the deadlines at school and Christmas shopping and other stuff like that. I hope you understand, I don’t want to post anything that I haven’t put any time and effort in. I actually made a makeup look a week ago but the pictures were so bad that I decided not to post anything at all. Obviously I could have posted something else instead, but I always take so much time to write these… Even if I would just talk about my day. Oh, and the Finnish weather is driving me crazy as well (I need light to take pictures and here in Finland the sun is shining about 3 to 5 hours per day…)

Okay, this look is really similar to the Winter Makeup I, but there are new techniques etc. and I really think that this is a perfect look for Christmas! And don’t worry, I’ll do something completely different for New Year’s day!

Start by applying eye primer (pictures on the left). Then tap white matte eye shadow to the whole eye lid with a brush (pictures in the middle).  Lastly apply light matte pink eye shadow to the outer corners of your eyelids to create dept to your eyes (pictures on the right).

I used the shade “Limit” from the Naked 3 palette. The main goal is that both of the eye shadows are matte, unlike in the Winter Makeup I, where the eye shadows were shimmery.

This technique will make your life easier. Just tape a piece of masking tape under your eye and start applying black matte eye shadow just like in the picture above and you’ll create a perfect cat eye.

I wanted a bit smokier look so I faded the cat eye a bit and added some of the black eye shadow to the lower outer lash line as well. Oh, and don’t forget to line your water line with a black eyeliner pencil!

After all that I curled my eyelashes, applied mascara and put some fake eyelashes on.

For this look leave out the bronzer and only use blusher! It gives you that “I’ve been outside playing in the snow” look, if that even makes any sense…

And that’s it!

I really love this look. I think it’s really Christmasy! It’s also really easy to create and it works with any lipstick.

Tomorrow I’ll write something as well, not sure what though… You will have to come back tomorrow to find out!

Till then…

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Love, Pinja


One thought on “Winter Makeup II

  1. Zoe says:

    Beautiful eye makeup look, It really suits you. I love the step-by-step photos. Zoe, xx

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