Winter Makeup I

Heeeyyy guys!

I haven’t been writing for a while because I’ve been super busy with school… Essays, exams, homework and stuff.

I got really exited on Friday because it was snowing A LOT! CHRISTMAS IS COMING! And that also means that I can take better pictures because the snow outside of my window gives me better lighting. Yay!

I’ll start doing lots of Christmas/winter blog posts as well! Here’s the first one, I hope you guys like it.

I have explained how I do my brow many times before, but I like to change the techniques and I always try to find the best one. Obviously If you already have perfect brows you can skip this step.

I use brown matte eye shadow and a transparent eyebrow fixing gel.

Start from the arch like in the second picture and continue by drawing the outer line like in the third picture. Do short strokes with the brush making it look like hair. Then use what ever is left in the brush to make the lower inner line like in the fourth picture and then fill in the rest of your brow. Finish it up with the fixing gel.

The eye part is really easy in this look! Start by applying eye primer. Then use any white eye shadow and tap it in the center of your eyelid and what ever is left in you finger/brush tap it all over the eyelid.

I used the shade “Liar” from the Naked 3 palette, but you can obviously use anything similar. Apply the shade like in the Paint picture and fade it.

Line your upper waterline with black eyeliner pencil. Then apply any dark eye shadow to create a cat eye and fade it as much as possible. Also apply it on your lower outer lash line.

These fake eyelashes are from Home Bargains and they are SUPER cheap! I also like how light they are. I have cut the one in the picture, because the original one looks way too perfect and it’s a bit too long for my eyes.

Glue them on!

I made the lips by using the same technique I did in the Autumn Lips tutorial. The texture of the lip liner I’m using is a bit like lipstick’s so I only applied that and the shadings are made with dark purple lipstick. Yes. Purple. It’s amazing.

And that’s it!

I skipped all the foundation, contour, etc. steps because they were exactly the same as in my previous makeup tutorial posts, so you can go and check them out.

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Love, Pinja


6 thoughts on “Winter Makeup I

  1. Arielle says:

    In love with your makeup! You are so gorgeous ❤

  2. Lisa Sherin says:

    Stunning fake eyelashes, they look so good!

  3. Chelsey says:

    Stunning look!

  4. Emily says:

    Love your makeup!

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