Autum Eye Makeup I

Hey guys!

I haven’t written anything for a while since I was really busy with school and I got really sick. I can’t even remember when was the last time I was this sick. It sucks… Anyway, I thought I would share my autumn eye makeup look with you guys.

 Autumn and winter have always been my favorite seasons of the year. For example I love all the fall clothes; big cozy sweaters, layering and all the colours. Those two seasons are probably my favorite ones also because of Halloween and Christmas. Aren’t those holidays just the best?!

In the summer I like to wear a light eye makeup and when the autumn finally arrives I start using much darker and warmer colours. This makeup look is obviously not that dark but I’m sure you get the idea.

Here’s a picture from my Favorites post. I used it on this look and I’m still in love with it!


I was on holiday in Wales this summer and went crazy with all the makeup products. I especially fell in love with Urban Decay! It’s a pity they don’t sell anything here in Finland… I wouldn’t have any money left if they did though, haha.

I bought this blusher/highlighter/bronzer and it’s everything I could ever ask for. It’s perfect. 

I also bought more Real Techniques brushes. They are perfect!

(In the first picture above I only have contour and in the second I have bronzer, blusher and highlighter.)

I thought it would be easier for us all if I just drew pictures instead of explaining. And yes, I made those using Paint, don’t judge.

Pink – Contour

Yellow – Bronzer

Purple – Blusher

Mint – Highlighter


I made my brows the way I always do. Using matte brown eye shadow I started from the outer corner and then filled in the inner part with what ever I had left in the brush. Using a little darker shade on the outer corners gives brows a natural look. The problem with my brows is that they are too light naturally. If you have light hair your brows should be 2-3 shades darker and if you have dark hair your brows should be 2-3 shades lighter. And as always, your brows should look like sisters, not twins (although I sometimes feel like mine are not even related…)!

But if you are lucky and you own perfect shaped and shaded brows you can obviously skip this step.

I also bought this Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay while I was in Wales and it’s amazing. The quality is unbelievable.

1. I tapped the shade “Strange” in the middle of my eyelids with my finger.


2. I tapped the shade “Limit” on the outer corner of my eyelids with a brush.

3. I did the same thing as in step 2 with the shade “Factory” but in a bit smaller area so that you could still see the shade “Limit”.

4. Same step as before with the shade “Darkside” but again a bit smaller area. I also used this shade on the outer lower lash lines of my eyes.

I hope I’m not confusing you with those Paint drawings…

If you are a huge eyeliner fan like I am, you have to try Maybelline’s gel eyeliner (you’ll get a eyeliner brush as well when you buy the gel). It stays on the whole day, it’s easy to apply and remove and it won’t stain your eyelashes while applying. I hate it how the marker eyeliners’ ink dries so fast and the liquid eyeliners stain your eyelashes while applying which makes applying mascara difficult/creates clumps.

I started the cat eye by drawing a line like in the first picture above. The perfect angle for the cat eye flick can be found by using a piece of paper or tape the same way as in the picture below.

Then I drew another line like in the second picture and continued by colouring inside the lines and drawing a thin line as close to the lash line as possible from the inner corner of my eye to the outer. And to make the eyelashes look longer I used the eyeliner to colour my upper waterline black as well.

This mascara has been my favorite for so long now. It won’t scatter on your cheeks over the course of the day and it doesn’t create any clumps. Love it!

I used the same fake eyelash technique as I did in the Graduation Makeup post. I took a fake lash, originally made for one eye, and cut it in half for both of my eyes and glued them on using tweezers. Always try the fake eyelashes on before using glue to check if they fit. If they are too long or too thick just cut some of the lashes off, one by one, keeping them a bit different length.

When the glue had dried I tapped a little bit of the gel eyeliner to the part where the lashes are attached to my eyelid to hide the possible shine of the glue.

Done! Leave a like if you did and follow for more posts!

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Love, Pinja


4 thoughts on “Autum Eye Makeup I

  1. Ah this whole look is stunning on you! Love this post it’s so detailed and helpful. Great blog xx

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