Youtuber Week – Kalel Kitten


Well you probably already knew that I would write about Kalel… You could say that she is my favorite person in YouTube. The reason I love Kalel and her videos so much is because she doesn’t try to be anyone else unlike so many of the vloggers nowadays… I genially feel like she is the person we see in the videos.

Kalel is one of my role models in life. She is really hard working, funny, beautiful and just amazing in every way possible. Hers was probably the second or third channel I ever subscribed to and I have been there ever since then. And I just recently realized that the way I dress changes when hers does… And I hadn’t even noticed!

The first picture/link was Kalel’s personal channel. It’s more like a girly fashion and beauty related channel. The WULAS channel above is her and her fiance’s vlog channel. You probably know who her fiance, Anthony Padilla, is. He is also one of my favorite youtubers ever.

This channel is her newest one. There are no videos yet but Kalel said in her tweet that she would love to have a channel which would be all about her. I don’t know if there’s gonna be any videos ever but we’ll see.

Kalel doesn’t post anything on this channel anymore but I wanted to leave a link to it because these are the videos I watched when I first discovered her and the videos are so magical!

(click the screen shot to go to the video)

Some of you already know this since this is probably like the third time a rave about it but I send these drawings I made to Kalel and Anthony and they opened the letter in front of the camera… HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! SHE CALLED ME TALENTED! *screams*

They send me this drawing they made! I took that photo the same day I got it (a year ago) and… well you can see that I was REALLY happy. I’m so thankful.

Come back tomorrow for a new blog post!

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Love, Pinja


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