Youtuber Week – Jacksfilms


And again, a channel I have already mentioned, BUT jacksfilms is worth it. He’s a guy who uploads super funny and sassy videos four times a week.

There’s a lot of trash in the YouTube community nowadays, you know, all the teens doing tags and challenges that everybody else is already doing because they want to be famous and have lots of Instagram followers. Well jacksfilms is everything but and that’s why I love him so much. And it’s also refreshing to read tweets from someone who doesn’t ask you to RT his crap for a follow or prices (those tweets are so annoying…).

I think his channel is really unique compared to many other channels. He never does videos that someone else has already come up whit, you know, all the tags etc. But if you see a video which title makes the video seem like it’s something you have already seen, well… Nah, go check it out yourself!


Also, How cool is that?! My tweet made it to his “jackask” video!

Come back tomorrow for a new blog post!

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Love, Pinja


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