Youtuber Week – SeaNanners


Sooo you probably already know who Adam Montoya aka SeaNanners is but I really wanted to rave about his channel. He makes Gaming videos with his fellow youtube gamers and they are so hilarious… I’m a sucker for gaming videos but very few actually make me laugh so much. He is having so much fun in them, the joy is contagious.

But I don’t recommend his videos for those who have slow internet/incredible crappy computer and no ad blocker (p.s. please don’t use ad blocker when watching videos which actual youtubers made, they have worked hard for them and deserve the money they get from them.). That’s because his videos are really short. I had the crappy internet problem going on a few weeks ago and it was painful to try and watch his playlists. Just believe me…

I think that the best way to watch his videos is by phone/tablet. And when I want to watch over 10 minute videos I like to use the computer. But hey, that’s just me. Now go to his channel, it won’t take long, only about three minutes (unless you get addicted to his videos as well haha)!

Remember to come back tomorrow for a new blog post!

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Love, Pinja


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