Youtuber Week – AWE me


This channel is not about someone particularly so technically this one shouldn’t be included in this “youtuber week” thingy. BUT I thought I should write about this instead of PewDiePie or Smosh, I mean they are obviously my absolute favorites but I feel like I need to talk about some of those channels that aren’t quite as popular. And I do admit that this one kinda brakes the “youtube rules”, as I think youtube belongs to those who make their videos on their own but lets make an exception.

So I do not watch every single one of the videos they make on this channel, only the ones where they make weapons. YES you heard me right, weapons. HOW COOL IS THAT?! And the point is that they are not just any weapons, they are weapons from our favorite cartoon, anime, game or superhero series.

I guess it’s not for everyone but I personally love watching stuff like that, I mean after all I love to do crafty things on my own too (not necessarily weapons though). Let me know if you liked their concept as well!

Click here to see how to make Jake’s Sword (Adventure Time)

See ya tomorrow!

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Love, Pinja


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