Ice Cream Cake

It has been so unbelievably hot here in Finland that I thought I should share this “recipe” which includes ice cream. I added the quotation marks because I shouldn’t even call it a recipe, that’s how easy it is… So if you suck at cooking this is perfect for you!

You will need:

– Swiss roll (You can use the flavor of your choice, just make sure it goes well with the ice cream. You can bake it yourself or buy it from store.)

– Ice cream (You can use the flavor of your choice, just make sure it goes well with the Swiss roll)

– Vanilla cream (optional)

– cooking dye (optional)

-cake tin

Pro tip: 

Put the Swiss roll into the freezer with your ice cream. When you take it from the freezer and start cutting it you see if it’s usable or not. If it is really hard to cut it’s not good. Cutting the actual cake would be impossible if the Swiss roll was rock hard. (The ice cream would also melt while stacking the actual cake if the Swiss roll wasn’t cold.)

Why would that happen?

1. Because your freezer is too cold.

2. Because the Swiss roll has super freezable stuff in it.

If that is a problem heat the knife under hot water and let the cake melt a while before serving it.

Start by cutting the right size pieces, you have to make sure that you don’t run out of ice cream or Swiss roll. Cut the Swiss roll pieces to cover the whole bottom of the cake tin. Then put a layer of ice cream on it. You can use your clean hand to mold the ice cream over the Swiss roll pieces. Then a layer of Swiss roll and then ice cream again. Basically you can do as many layers as you like, I made four, two Swiss roll ones and two ice cream ones. And that’s how easy it is. When you are ready with stocking the layers put the cake tin in the freezer.

Remove it from the cake tin. You could leave it like that but if you want it to look prettier you can frost it. Whisk the vanilla cream and spread it over the cake which has been in the freezer at least one hour after stacking it. Vanilla cream is the best choice because it’s almost like ice cream when it freezes. Then drop drops of cooking dye here and there and spread the dye using toothpick. Put it back in the freezer and serve it when the vanilla cream has frozen.

And there you go! Let me know if you try this yourself!

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Love, Pinja


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