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Sup peeps?

I haven’t posted anything here lately because last week I was enjoying my first week of vacation in Wales. I basically just ate and went shopping. And ate. A lot! Well what ever I did I didn’t have time to write blog posts or watch any YouTube videos. And if you are like me and your life is all about YouTube you know the pain of not being able to watch videos for a week. SO I pretty much spend my whole day yesterday watching videos on YouTube. So sad…. I know.

This post is pretty much all about me talking about super interesting stuff.

(In case you didn’t understand; “super interesting” was said in sarcastic way.)

I really enjoy being in the UK. This was my third time in Wales (my sister lives there) but I would love to go to London and Brighton as well.

I love the houses! and the fact that it’s never too hot outside.

I made gel nails for myself and my sister. These are mine in the picture. No matter how hard i try I just can’t grow my own nails! Oh well I was happy with these. And for some reason I have been loving simple looks lately, like plain white nails etc.

These two… (I’m sure you believe that these were the only unhealthy things I ate…) I just couldn’t resist. As usual… Please help.

I tried to film something while I was there but I need to go to another place to edit it so I’m not even sure if the footage is good or not. If it works out I will let you know!

So like I already told you my summer vacation finally started so I will be doing lots of blog posts. I always have these crazy ideas but then I’m telling myself that they are not good enough to post because they are too easy or dumb. I felt that way even when I wrote the DIY Makeup Brush Cleanser -post. But all of my friends are telling me that I should post all the stuff I come up with and that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself… I mean it’s just a blog.

Anyway… I have many awesome ideas from DIYs to food recipes and hauls. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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Love, Pinja


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