DIY Sea Statement Necklace

So I was cleaning my drawer when I found these shells and remembered the beautiful place I collected these from. So many people own these kind of things and it’s a shame we do nothing with them. SO! I thought this was a pretty cool idea and I really like how it looks. PLUS! It’s really easy to make!

Here’s what you need:

– Shells

(the ones you collected years ago by the sea OR the ones you can buy from a store)

– Chain

(I’m sure you all have at least one necklace you never wear… Use the chain from it!)

– Hot glue

– pliers

Start by measuring the chain and making it the right length ( click here to get to the post where I tell how ). Then attach a short piece of chain to the place you want the shells to be like in the picture above.

After that place the chain to the same position that it is in the picture above on to something that has a smooth surface (hard packaging plastic, CD, etc…). When you put glue on the chain and push the shells on it it will go on the surface as well. So when the surface is smooth it should separate easily from the necklace when the glue dries.

When the glue dries and you have separated it from the surface turn it over and put some extra glue on. When the glue is all dry cut every extra piece of glue you can see from the front.


I hope you liked this easy DIY necklace and I think you should try it yourself! It’s so pretty and you will get rid of all the shells you have in the back of your drawer.

Thanks for reading!

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Love, Pinja

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