Tumblr And a Summer Job

So… I just created my Tumblr page. There’s nothing spectacular but I guarantee you’ll vomit rainbows when you see it. It’s so beautiful! I guess the page  pretty much shows what goes inside of my head…

I’m pretty sure I don’t get the idea of  Tumblr yet BUT I’m actually pretty happy about it because I know it’s really addictive. I personally just like to go trough all the pretty pictures, haha! So if you’re interested click the photo above/below!


Other news… I got a summer job! It’s not a dream job at all but I don’t mind having a little pocket money. And the only problem is actually just the trip I have to take to get to the place I work. And it changes every now and then. It’s complicated… But hey, it’s better than nothing! I’m actually really lucky to have a summer job considering I’m only 17 years old… *Sigh* But I’ll be working hard the whole summer AND I will post a ton of blog posts, I promise! I have so many cool ideas… Can’t wait!

And as always

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• love, Pinja •


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