Graduation Makeup

So let me first start by apologising for the quality of the pictures… I filmed myself doing this makeup and then took the pictures from the video so they are not the best quality.

But anyway! So I am not graduating this year but I know that so many of you are and thought this would be a fun blog post to make!

When I think about my own future graduating I image myself in this really natural makeup. I mean you know, it is a big day and I want to look like me. Does that even make any sense..? I love to draw cat eyes with a black eye liner but lately I have been into more simple looks. AND this is my first makeup “tutorial” post so I like the idea of it being really simple and easy to make. I didn’t take pictures from every step, but seriously though, I don’t think we need a picture of me applying foundation for example… But I warn you: It’s really damn simple.

So first I applied foundation and brightened the areas under my eyes. I recommend using face primer before applying the foundation to keep the makeup stay in place longer. After that comes my favourite part: contour! I seriously can’t leave the house without contouring my face first… Here are some pictures to see where and how to apply it. And the drawing was made with Paint so don’t judge haha…

And here’s where to put the blusher. I love this colour (blush subtil 106, Lancôme) so much! And the shimmer gives nice glow to the face. But sadly it is attached to this bigger palette where there is a bunch of eye shadows etc. that I got from my dad. But I love it and it’s worth carrying in the makeup bag.

Then it’s time for brows. I always fill in my brows with brown eye shadow (doesn’t matter if the powder is meant for eyes as long as it doesn’t have any shimmer in it). My tip is to use fluffier brush for the inner parts and then angled brow brush for the outer parts. Also to give that natural tone to them I recommend using a bit lighter brown for the inner part and darker for the outer part. Then to make sure they stay in place I brush clear brow gel on them. AND REMEMBER: brows should look like sisters, not twins!

Then to the eyes! I start by applying eye primer on them. Then I tap beige eye shadow with my finger on the whole eye lid so it won’t get greasy. I apply the same colour I used in my brows to the outer corners of my eye lids with a fluffy brush. It gives so much depth to them and yet it is so easy! Then with a smaller brush I take a darker brown and add it under the outer corner of my lower lash line (firs picture) and while adding some of it to the outer corners of my eye lids as well. Then finally I just add a hint of white eye shadow to the centre of my eye lid and on the brow bone.

I think this “smoky” way of lining eyes is AWESOME! It doesn’t take much time to do it and it doesn’t matter if the lines are not that even. And it’s not too heavy so it’s perfect for summer and graduating. I start by colouring the outer corner of the upper lash line with black makeup pencil. Before the formula dries I smudge it with brush meant for smudging.

After that I just finish up with my favourite mascara. This mascara gives my lashes a really natural look while still making them much longer. At first it feels really sticky but when it dries it is amazing; it doesn’t shatter and it doesn’t make my lashes try.

 I want my lashes to be a bit thicker but still keep the “natural” look going. I took a fake lash, originally made for one eye, and cut it in half for both of my eyes and just glued them on using tweezers.

Last thing I did was for my lips. I painted the corners of my lips red and then blended the colour using my finger. It gives an illusion of bigger lips.

And we are done! I hope you liked this post and I hope you will try this makeup, if not for your graduation party then just for a fun day in the town.

And as always;

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Good luck

love, Pinja



2 thoughts on “Graduation Makeup

  1. Go Beauty By Liza says:

    your lips are amazing! i love the subtle dark color on the outside of the lid, a subtle way to create dimension

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