¡Hola amigos!

The weather has been so amazing and warm… BUT guess who has to study for tests. Yop. It’s test week again. Fun. It is also the time of the year to get blisters from ballet flats. EVEN MORE FUN!

Any ways… I’m NOT dead and I apologize for not writing anything… It has been a blast!

I wanted to draw for my school magazine but I didn’t know I had to draw a whole page! And since I didn’t start the first day like I could have I ran out of time and had to make sooo many compromises… I’m actually not even happy with the picture I made because I ran out of time but hey… What can you do.

Aaaaand then there was Mother’s day! I wanted to try and bake these two mini cakes… Practising for my sister’s graduation day I guess. And yes, I know, they do not look fancy at all but they were really yummy! That’s what matters the most, right?

I got this watch because we began prescribing a magazine. It says it is “genuine leather” and it is the “Diamond edition” because it has that tiny tiny diamond right below the number twelve. I like all the big manly watches but I think this will look great with a bunch of jewelleries.

What else… Oh! I didn’t get a job for the summer (even though I applied for like hundred different places…) so that kinda means that I won’t have anything else to do than write my blog, WHICH is actually really wonderful. I can’t wait!

My exam week ends 28.5. so wish me luck and we’ll see then.


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love, Pinja :*


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