DIY Hairband & hairdo

I don’t have that many posts here because I feel like things like this are not even worth putting up here… I mean they are so obvious! But then one day I searched through other people’s blogs and I realized that they all have these obvious kinds of posts sometimes BUT people, including me, really seem to like them!

I am a bit too demanding when it comes to the things I do… And that really causes me a lot of stress! I don’t want to ruin this for myself! SO from now on I’ll TRY to write more but something a bit more simple just like this post here! (Not saying that my previous posts were amazing or anything like that though…)


I love making DIY stuff with materials that would usually go in to the trash or somewhere else with no use at all. Here is a good example! All you’ll need is a chain from an old necklace and a hair band. You open the loops on the ends of the chain and attach them to the hair band. DONE.

* explosion *

Now put it in your head above your hair and roll your hair up using the hairband you’ve just created. It is as simple as that! I liked mine a bit messy so I pulled out little bits of hair from here and there. I think it looks cute! Then of course you can for example add flower pins to it or something.

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