Spring Shopping

It’s not normal for me to buy so many “girly” things. I pretty much wear only black and add something colorful to it but mainly black. Or grey. So boring, haha! But something happened… For some reason I have started to enjoy more colorful clothes etc. I’m quite sure my taste in clothes and fashion changes because of Kalel. It’s good to put the blame on others! But seriously, she’s gorgeous!

So here are all the things I have wasted my money on lately:

Floral shirt


I love this one so much! It fits me nicely and it’s comfortable. AND! It was really cheap. Well at least if you live in Finland…

Helsinki Fashion House 

Ok how freaking cute is this? It feels and looks like real leather (not in the picture though) and there is so many different pockets inside to separate the space. It’s too small to be my school bag but I know it will come to good use when the summer break starts.



I love this jacket and it’s perfect for spring. It was pretty cheap and that of course means it’s not real leather. BUT I still love it a lot!



I’ve started using more rings, necklaces etc. It makes a huge difference. And how freaking cute are these?!

 Here’s a tip:

Paint the rings with clear nail polish if they are not real gold/silver. The color stays on longer when it doesn’t start to fade/change the color. I got the tip from my friend and it’s seriously life changing!

It is so shimmering! And pink/champagne! Not the usual color for me at all! But I love it. I need to make gel nails. That color would look so gorgeous on long nails.

I hope you enjoyed this post even though I don’t have money to buy more stuff to show you and I hope this makes you wanna go shopping.

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much love, Pinja :*


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