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I’m subscribed to 41 channels atm. That’s mad (sad)  in my opinion. (No, I don’t watch every single video the channels make.) Anyway! Here are the ones that will make you smile no matter how bad day you have had. I promise.

If you know anything about YouTube you should know these folks. But I’ll tell something about every single one just to make sure you are up to date. Sooooo here we go!

(Click the pictures to their channels, BUT do it after you’ve red the whole blog post or open the links in  new tabs!)

C’mon everybody knows who Pewdiepie is. He literally just plays games, records it, uses amazing editing skills and everybody loves him for that. Go see how many people are subscribed to him and be amazed! Anyway… He’s really funny.

Smosh… You should know them too… Seriously! I would say that they make almost -over the top- funny videos. And I admit that I kinda fan girl over Anthony… Oops.

Ryan is one of the first people I ever subscribed to. Well I didn’t have my own YouTube account then but he is basically the one I always went back to. He and his friends are super funny and you should go and fall in love with him. lol!

 Jackfilms is different than others. He is super funny, sassy and he has his own ideas. The uniqueness makes it so good.

hhhehehehhehee *proud*

 Go see all the channels, love them, subscribe to them and tell them I said HI!

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much love; Pinja :*


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