YouTube Addiction | QUEENS

You could say I’m a YouTube addict. And it would be a dream come true to make YouTube videos for living. Some might think that it’s stupid and it’s not a real job but I mean not everyone have to be doctor or a lawyer. We should all do what makes us happy. Anyway… Since I consider myself a pro Youtube user I thought I could share some of my favorite youtubers with you. But I must warn you: once you subscribe you might get addicted.

I’m subscribed to many great channels and thought I could write about a few of them. I’ll start with my queens.

(Click the pictures to their channels, BUT do it after you’ve red the whole blog post or open the links in  new tabs!)

Kalel has something special about her. I feel like she is not like the others. You know what I mean, right? It’s hard to explain… She makes all kinds of videos from hauls to DIY stuff and fashion.

She doesn’t make videos to WonderlandWardrobe channel anymore, but luckily she didn’t delete it. The channel is full of awesomeness and uniqueness. That is the channel I subscribed to when there were like only two channels in my subscribe box.

The new channel Frilly+Fancy is full of cuteness and uniqueness (it’s basically for her blog). But the videos there are as amazing.

I talked about her in one of my previous posts (link).

 You can see her in this channel as well!


Oh my goodness Zoella is so adorable! Her videos always make me smile. She is just such a positive person. Oh and gorgeous and funny as well. There’s no way you couldn’t like her! I can easily say that she’s one of my top three favorites.

Michelle is such an inspirational person. She climbed from the bottom to the top and now owns her own makeup-line. That’s amazing! She makes really amazing but easy to follow makeup tutorials. I think she is the one who made me love makeup so much. I’ve learned so much simply by watching her videos.

 Claire is someone I don’t know that well yet, but she seems really promising. Just few weeks ago I started watching her videos. She is this smoky eyed tattooed girl in black. She really works hard on her videos and it shows. I would say that her videos are fashion and vlog based. She is awesome!

And the last one! Missglamorazzi is as positive as a person can be. I mean seriously. It’s all about pandas, doughnuts, fashion and all kind of stuff like that. If you’re into any kind of super girly things you should check her out!

I’ll try to write TWO posts this week because I didn’t have time to write anything last week. So don’t forget to subsc…. I mean follow my blog and you can also find me on




much love; Pinja :*


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