DIY Floral Hair Bun Crown

Spring is here and what better way to show it than wearing it! And what screams spring more than flowers! Oh yes, we’re ready for you spring!

If you are like me you still want to rock out the messy hair bun BUT let’s make sure it’s not the same old boring plain hair bun, let’s add some… umm… Spring in it! YES!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-plastic flowers


-thin iron wire



Choose as colorful and as big flowers as you like. It’s all about playing with the colors.

First start by cutting the iron wire as long as it takes to go around your hair bun and a bit more. After that you have to make a loop like in the picture. You can use your pliers for that, it makes everything much easier even though the iron wire is thin.

After that take your needle and make little holes in the flower stalks like in the picture.

Then put the iron wire through all of them.

Last thing you’ll have to do is to loop the clasp to the other end. And you are done! You wear it simply just by wrapping it around your hair bun and connecting the ends by clipping the clasp to the loop.

I hope you liked this easy spring DIY and you’ll try it out yourself. If you try this one out remember to tweet me a picture of it using @PinjaOja.

Good luck!

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Much, much, much love; Pinja :* :*


2 thoughts on “DIY Floral Hair Bun Crown

  1. Love it! Pakko kokeilla heti kun saa kirjotukset ohi=)

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