I haven’t done “Favorites” posts yet and I personally love to read and watch videos about others’ favorites… They are so honest! That really makes me want try new things and I actually have found some awesome products. So I really hope that this post makes you want to try out new things as well.

This post is not favorites of January or February or anything like that, here are just some of my favorites that I have recently been in love with… I mean this is my first one, if I continue making these I’ll do the monthly ones!

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I’ll start with nail polishes. For my whole life I’ve bought cheap nail polishes. But now… My life has changed. I got this one for Christmas and it’s amazing. First of all the color is gorgeous but the real reason I rave about this is because it stays on! I’ve gotten used to having nails polish chipping off after a day or two… I’ve promised myself to buy quality nail polishes from now on. You should do that too!

I am addicted to this one… It stays on a long time but the main reason I love it so much is that it’s so easy to fix. The “Sugar Crush” texture is really forgiving. I don’t have to remove the old nail polish if it starts chipping off. I can just paint the area that has chipped and there will be no visible lines and it looks like I’ve just painted the whole nail. Hurray laziness!


I love this mascara! Nothing special really, It makes my lashes longer and it doesn’t dry out my lashes. What else can you ask for? The only negative thing is that it may sometimes crumble all over your face… Oh well, we don’t live in a perfect world now do we?


I got this perfume sample when I bought my Taj Sunset from Escada and it smells amazing! It’s really sweet and… Strawberry…ish? But it’s not too sweet! I am really picky when it comes to perfumes but here is my top three:

-Chic Petals by Moschino

-Taj Sunset by Escada

-Daisy by Marc Jacobs – My absolute favorite

This foundation covers enough but it keeps your skin healthy and natural looking. I have nothing else to say. It’s just perfect.

This eyeshadow palette includes all the things you’ll need for every-day-makeup. Eyeshadow, brow powder and even contour. Perfect!

I hate how they put glitter in every freaking eyeshadow palette nowadays… There is no shimmer or glitter in this one though. I find it pretty difficult to find eyeshadows without glitter at a reasonable price here in Finland… Please change that!

I love the Make Up Store’s eye shadows. They stay on, the color selection is huge, the colors are really rich and best of all… They sell matte colors!

I love the lipsticks as well. They stay on, the color selection is huge as well and they keep your lips moist.

The negative side is that the prices here in Finland are really high…


The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit shower gel is amazing. The smell of it is really good, it’s fresh and sweet and it leaves your skin really soft. Love it!


This is my favorite face scrub. It’s really gentle, it smells good and it makes your skin really soft. It lasts long, if you only use it once a week on your face, like I do. I recommend trying it out!


Buy this if you have scars you would like to get rid of. I use this on my piercing scar and the one I have between my eyebrows (when I was in first grade I fell and got six stitches there) and I can really see the difference. It will take some time though, so you have to be patient. ‘

I just discovered Ebay… I mean I have always known about it but I never thought I would buy something from there. And now I’m addicted to it. And to online shopping more broadly. But It’s so easy and cheap!

It may be difficult to find phone cases from stores if the phone isn’t the newest model. I got mine from Ebay and it was only $9.99 and the shipping was free… I’m amazed. Where have I lived all these years? In a cave?! Yep.

These are amazing! You have to try these if you use makeup! (I don’t think they sell these in Finland so I bought these from Ebay as well. You can do that too if they don’t sell these in your country.) I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Last but not least; these shoes. I love them so much! But it’s not the thing I’m actually raving about; I wanted to recommend going to new shops and keeping your mind open. I bought these from a store I thought I would never shop in again. Last time I went there the clothes were really childish and I haven’t been there since. Until yesterday. And I was amazed because the clothes weren’t childish anymore! Or maybe my taste has become childish and I don’t realise it… Meh. But the point is that you should try new things and don’t judge the book by it’s covers.

This was a really long post and I won’t judge you if you didn’t read it all… But I hope that I gave you some inspiration to go try new things.

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2 thoughts on “Favorites

  1. Isadora’s matte eyeshadow palette is always my go to for matte shades, I recently ordered one from a different brand and it feels like I’m cheating on isadora, I’ve been using that for soooo long.

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