Valentine’s day DIY

I think that all self-made gifts are the best… You can see all the time and effort that’s been put in to them. Here’s something really easy and cute! You can basically put whatever you like in it and it will look great! Candy, jewellery, a big fat pile of letters where you tell how much the other person means to you… Ok the last one was a pit cheesy… Anyway! This one you can give to your bf, gf, friends, grandma… Anyone actually.

You will need thin or normal thickness cardboard which are easy to shape. I used these patterned ones, because I think they are really pretty and there is a pattern on both sides. Then I recommend using thicker cardboard for the base and the top. The reason why is that it’s easier to glue the sides on when they are a bit thicker.

I made measurements for all the bits you have to cut, so if you need you can take a screen cap of it, print it and use them as moulds. (click it for a bigger picture)

Okay so now glue the sides of the top or base cardboard heart, wait for the glue to dry for a second or two (so the glue becomes a bit stickier) and then put the side pieces on. That part is little trickier but practice makes perfect! To attach the ends of the side peace glue another piece of the same cardboard on like in the picture.


Repeat this step twice and you have a box! Tadaa… Oh and if the top and inside of the base are blank like mine was then just glue the same shaped pattern cardboards on. For the inside base I wrote a secret message which will show up when the box is empty.

Good luck!

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Much love, Pinja :*


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s day DIY

  1. brbostock says:

    Really nice Pinja! Almost as good as the mighty green cardboard campervan you did.

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