So exhausted!

So exhausted!

“Pinja, why aren’t you making posts more often?”

So there are days in my week when I wake up at 6 am (Why so early? Because I love taking my time doing my makeup etc. It’s the one thing I really enjoy and it can make the whole day better, lol!), go to school, come home from school somewhere between three to five, eat and relax for an hour or so and then start doing all kinds of school stuff. For example essays for psychology or practicing for next day’s Swedish tests. And then I’ll go to sleep. Ok my days are not always like that… But you get the idea!

I have so many fun DIY ideas etc and I’ll post them here as soon as possible, but it’s really time consuming because I happen to be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to stuff like that. For example I will start over if I see something that isn’t quite right, or I will delete it. There are some posts I have already deleted because of that, haha! There are some positive and negative sides to being a perfectionist… But it doesn’t matter now!

*clears throat* So what I actually wanted to talk about is that I’ll start posting more often. I mean stuff like this where I just tell you about things that are going on etc. I will post DIY stuff as often as possible, but this could be a nice way to keep up with you guys!

I’ll write more really soon, but at the moment I am in the middle of an exam week. It basically means that I have an exam every day from now until Wednesday the fifth of February. (Yay! High school is so much fun, isn’t it!)

So I hope you are patient and pleaaaaase wish me good luck on my freaking exams!

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