( Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FCSY1ylVpk )

You guys see that? That is a screen shot from Kalel and Anthony‘s video and those are my drawings. Seriously. I still can’t believe it. I’m so weird, aren’t I?

But seriously though, I love Kalel and Anthony so much… And I think it’s weird because I’ve never liked any celebrity… Actually, I don’t see them as celebrities any more. I don’t know… It’s hard to explain! I see them as normal people instead of celebrities. Does that make any sense?!

Anyway… I look up to Kalel. Have you seen her previous DIY videos and her new blog? They are so beautiful… I guess that’s why I started my blog. It’s such a fun way to share your stuff and give ideas for all the people in the world. And maybe some day someone sends me a letter and I make his/her day. That’s my goal. Yep. I’m weird all right.

It may sound odd but that video is such a big deal for me… I know I send those drawings to them but I honesty thought that they would never see them.

My reaction was ridiculous… I was so close to starting crying and my hands were shaking… Haha I am so awkward.

They send me this! A drawing and autographs. I was way too happy… “The most artistic one”… “She’s really talented”… “I just love them all so much”… oh my gosh…. I will never forget the things they said. That video makes me so happy every time.
So thank you Kalel and Anthony for making my day… Or days?

( I’m not a creep! >_< )

So if you have someone you look up to and sending letters to him/her is possible then do it. I promise, it’s worth it.

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Love, Pinja :*

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