DIY pencil case

DIY pencil case

School will or is going to start soon and the one thing most of you have in your school bag is a pencil case. So why not make your own? Then no one will have the same one! This is what I came up with and it’s really easy. I recommend using sewing machine, but if you are like me and you don’t have one then no worries. It really makes a difference though and it’s so much faster with the sewing machine, but if you want it to look really hand made then don’t use any machines! It’s as simple as that.
Start by measuring all the fabric pieces you’ll need. I used lace, leather and some navy green fabric. You can cut three pieces of the leather or just one and fold it like I did. I started by sawing the zipper on, but you can saw the decoration stuff on first if you like. Then I sewed the right sides together, but for the left side I sewed the green fabric on. It makes the pencil case wider from the inside and I think that it added little something to make it more unique. That is the part where I really recommend using a sewing machine. Unless you are a really good hand sewer what I clearly am not… I hope you guys got little something from this post and good luck!
Love, Pinja


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