DIY chain bracelet

DIY chain bracelet

If you have old necklace chains and you don’t know what to do with them here’s a good example. I love to make something new from something old and make sure not to waste anything. Why buy new if you can make your own with the old ones?
I made few examples. The one on the left is the simplest but you can use as many chains as you like. Usually the chain parts are easy to separate from one another. Just measure the chains the same length and then squeeze the end of the chains into one separate ring like in the picture. Do the same for both ends. Then add the necklace clasp to the end and voala. Easy right? You can add any kinds of dangly bits or if you have an old watch that won’t fit your hand or you don’t like the watch strap then you can remove the strap and ad the watch in the middle of the chains. Just make sure that the chains are the same length from both sides and then squeeze the chains in. You can even use super glue to glue something on, like that flower in that picture. It’s easy like that! Okay, hope you liked it and good luck! I’ll try to start posting weekly.
Love, Pinja.


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