DIY Pencil cup

DIY Pencil cup

This is a fun way to decorate your room to suit your style. Sometimes it’s cool to create a new look for something, no mater what it is. But it’s good to start with something simple, for example a pencil cup. For me this is something that people will notice, because I keep them on my table in my room.
Those cups are not really made for that; they are from paint brush package as you can see. You can re-use something for the project like I did! Here I have too examples, but you can make it look like yours by using same techniques.
So let’s start with the picture on the left. This is pretty simple. First of all remember to measure the cup to make sure it’s right size for your pencils. For the decoration you will need lace, chain, thread, glue and glitter glue/glitter. Measure the lace so it will wrap around the cup. Then glue a thin line on the top corner of your cup to go around the cup, and then glue the lace on like in the picture. Now to the trickier part: Take your chain and measure it depending on how long do you want the chains to hang. Then take thread and weave it through the holes in the chain and leave as many spaces between them as you like. After that add more glue on the top corner, aka the same place as you did earlier. Then tie the thread over the cup where the glue is and arrange the chain the way you like, but remember to make sure that the ends of the chain will connect in the end. You can also use superglue just to glue the chain on the cup without the thread if you find that easier. Then if you like you can pour some glitter over the glue while it’s still wet, or repeat the same thing again with glitter glue. And there you go! I like it, because you can still see the pencils through it. What do you think?

Now it’s time for the other one. I decided to cover the whole cup, because as you can see in the lower picture the etiquette didn’t come off. Again start by measuring the cup to make sure that it’s the right size. For this one you will need golden round studs like the ones in the picture, plastic flowers, pink-, beige- and brown fabric ribbon, and imitation leather. Start by measuring the imitation leather so that it’ll cover almost the whole cup like in the picture. Put the studs on where ever you like, for example I went all around the cup in a straight line. Then cut little pieces of the pink fabric ribbon so they are a bit wider than the holes in the studs. Then put tiny bit of glue around the studs on the back of the imitation leather and glue the fabric ribbon pieces on. After that you can glue the imitation leather on the cup. Hide the edges of the imitation leather with the brown fabric ribbon, measure a piece of beige fabric ribbon and glue it on the top corner like in the picture and do the same with lace and glue it on the upper corner. After that you can glue the flowers the way you like on the brown fabric ribbon.
And tadaa there you go! Thanks for reading, and see you in my next post!
Love, Pinja


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