DIY Summer cell phone case

DIY Summer cell phone case

I thought that it would be cool to make a cell phone case that matches with the sunny summer days. It’s great to have a cell phone case of your style, and I bet you’ll never find the right kind from stores, so why not make your own! I’m sure I’ll make more of these, but let’s start with this for now!

This post will be really short, because this tutorial is so easy. I don’t own an iPhone unfortunately, but I think that iPhone cases are the easiest cases to decorate. I bought that from H&M because it was the cheapest I could find… But I’m glad I bought it, because those diamonds make a really good base for decorating! If there wouldn’t have been one like that in the store, I would have had to sand the surface rough for the glue to stick. Lucky me! I used just white glue for this one.

I decided to use tiny beads, so they kind of create a sand-like look… Or at least I think so. You can use colours of your choice. I wanted to use pastille colours, because I thought it would go well with the theme.

Lastly, you can add decorations of your choice, like maybe flowers the way I did. Those are the same flowers I used in my DIY garland headband, but I chopped the petals and made them smaller. I then used the same beads for the middle part.

And there you go! I hope I gave you some good ideas!


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