Last week of school

last week of school

I’m really sorry for not posting anything for a while, but here’s something I did last week! It would be cool to do a vlog about it but this works too, right?
First of all, this year I had no chance of enjoying spring like the years before, because in Finland it only lasted for few weeks. It was pretty cold for really long, but then suddenly summer was here! Today it was +27 degrees and tomorrow is meant to be a whopping +28 degrees! It has been years since it was this hot, and I love it! But I can’t understand why I don’t tan since I spend so much time outside…
So about the last week, it was the last week of school! We had few normal school days at the beginning of the week but at the middle of the week we had a day-time-prom and I sung in a band on the stage with my very talented friends. I was wearing the white dress from the picture that day. The day after we had a soccer game against the teachers and obviously the students won! I couldn’t play, because I had to go to the dentist… Didn’t enjoy it.
Friday was not my last day of school however. We went to beach with my school to chill and play games. It’s kind of a tradition. After that I went to see this new Finnish TV series being filmed. I was in the audience with my friends. It was pretty cool! Maybe you can find me from the audience when the series starts!
Saturday was my last day of school. We had short school spring festival. It was touching to see my friends and teachers crying because it was the last day we were all together. I was wearing that blue laced dress from the pic, but the dress looks somehow black in it.
After that I chopped up some vegetables and put them into jars so they would be there waiting for me. If I didn’t chop them right away, I won’t eat them later on, because I know that I would be too lazy and the vegetables would rot… But it will be faster later on! Then I went to Helsinki with my mom and my little cousins to have lunch and watch a movie. My cousins are so adorable, but afterwards I had no energy left. So I took a nap and when I woke up I decided to be boring and not go anywhere, even I should have been partying somewhere because the school ended… But I have the whole summer to do stuff like that and more. On Sunday I really didn’t do anything worth mentioning about.
Oh, and I made those gel nails myself, I thought they would match my dress! I think that I managed pretty well, after all I’m not a professional! That was my third time making my own gel nails! So I’m pretty proud of myself. Oh, and the dresses are from and the shoes are from Deichmann.
I hope I didn’t bore you to death with this post and I can’t wait to write the next one!


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