DIY garland headband

DIY garland headband

Here’s a quick DIY post for you all. I think that this is a really cute accessory for the warm beautiful summer days! Or you can even wear this with your prom dress, if you want the simple pretty summer look!
Okay so I recommend doing this with plastic flowers, it might be easier and it will definitely last longer. What you will need is plastic flowers which I bet you can find pretty easily anywhere. Pick something pretty subtle and also get different looking ones, but make sure that at least one of them has plastic flower stalk, so you have something to put the flowers on! You have to bend the flower stalk to match the size of your head, or a bit bigger, if you’re going to twine other flower stalk together as you can see in the picture, it makes it look more real. Now comes the fun part, gluing! I recommend hot glue, just because it’s easier and faster. Then just glue all the flowers on the way you like. And I also recommend using some kind of wire to wrap around the whole thing, just to make sure that the flowers won’t fall off! Unfortunately I didn’t do that as you can see. But the resistance naturally depends on the glue and the type of plastic as well.
Hope you enjoyed and got some ideas from this one!


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