Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy mother’s day to all of you amazing mothers out there, especially to my lovely mom! My mom is the kindest woman who always puts everyone else before herself and she is the most inspiring and amazing woman I know. This mother’s day I made her a yummy cake, a card and a sunglass case. I realize material things are not enough to show much I appreciate everything she has done for me and my brother and sister but I think it was a worthwhile gesture for me to make. Thank you for always loving me and thank you for never leaving my side. I love you mom.
If you want to make an easy cake as well, then here are few tips:
Make a normal cake base but replace half of the flour with cocoa powder. Take a plate and use it as a mould to cut the cake base and start building the cake. Remember to moisten the cake with lemon juice! Whisk the equal amount of cream and curd together and add sugar as much as you like and then put the mixture between the layers. You can add whatever you want between the layers to go with the mixture. I used pineapple and peach slices but for example strawberries work nicely as well! And finally you can decorate the cake the way you like. I used strawberries as I was trying to make it as delicious looking as possible! Remember, it doesn’t have to look perfect as long as it tastes good! Simple huh? And super delicious!
But if you don’t have the time or the skills to bake a cake or make a card you could just pick up a few flowers. But if that is too much as well then just wish a happy mother’s day to your mom! Everybody can do that and I think it’s enough when you’re being genuine. This is the day to pay respect to the most loved woman in your life, your mom.


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