My day being sick

My day being sick

Yesterday I was really sick… I was suffering from a fever, my throat hurt, I was coughing, I had really bad headache and overall I just felt really weak. Now I’m gonna tell you guys how I survived!

Being sick usually means that you can hang out in your robe and just chill the whole day. When I’m sick I don’t feel like eating but I have to if I wish to stay alive and get better. You don’t have to eat anything heavy but if you can try eating bananas and other fruits since they’re really good for you. You’ll get energy as well as vitamins out of them!
When you’re sick you have the whole day to do whatever you want but you’re going to have to remember to rest! So maybe watching a movie is a good idea. I recommend a romantic comedy or a Disney movie (remember, you’re never too old for a Disney movie!). But if your head can’t handle staring at a screen then you could just draw or lay down and rest. Maybe you should also drink something warm! I recommend tea but if you’re like me and hate tea then treat yourself with a cup of hot chocolate!

In short, the most important things are drinking enough water and resting. But do try to avoid getting sick by washing your hands often enough and wearing warm clothes. At least here in Finland the weather isn’t exactly warm yet… Being sick is just no fun!


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