DIY leather bracelet

DIY leather bracelet

Get ready, because there will be bunch of DIY posts coming your way! I’m so excited to share this with you! Since it’s spring and everybody is wearing lighter stuff such as T-shirts and sleeveless tops etc, I thought it would be cool to start off with making bracelets. (There will be another DIY bracelet post coming up soon).
To the left side of the picture you will see all the stuff that you’ll need for making of this bracelet. You can decorate yours the way you want! Mine you can use just as a guideline if you wish.
You will need leather, thin chain, buttons or fabric flowers, golden fabric, thread, needle, scissors, fabric glue, thin ribbon, studs and spikes (sadly I didn’t have any of the latter ones).
First cut the leather as wide as you want but remember that you have to cut it wide enough to fit in the studs and such. Cut the leather into two pieces and connect the ends with the golden piece of fabric (also cut that piece as wide or narrow as you prefer). Wait for the glue to dry and then sew the glued parts the way it’s been done in the picture. It really makes a difference!
Now the fun part! You can either sew or glue on the chain and flower but it looks more beautiful if you sew them on. For the studs you will need a pair of stud pliers. After placing on the studs, weave the ribbon through the stud holes like in the picture. The ribbon looks great but also has a practical function. You can tighten or loosen the bracelet when it’s on.
And there you go. Best of luck guys!


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